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March 2023 – Who decided to call ‘Fishermen ‘Fishers’?

On the MARCH edition of MARITIME IRELAND is month we hear from the great songwriter Johnny Duhan that he was caught as a stowaway aboard a Norwegian ship, we  examine the future of the maritime economy, hear from an Irish husband-and-wife sailing in the Caribbean and the Chairman of the National Inshore Fishermen’s Association of Ireland is angry that, as a fisherman, “some academic or politically correct bureaucrat” has decided that he is no longer to use that description of his jobs, but must be called a “fisher”. Fishermen were not consulted about that change he says. Who had the right to decide that a name, going back to the Bible, should be changed because “fisherman” or “fishermen” might upset some people who don’t even know anythingabout fishing. Listen to the programme here.

Tom MacSweeney

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