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The Weekly Maritime Ireland Blog – What is the connection between Irish fishermen and Polar Bears?

Could both disappear?

It is rather odd that the thought occurred to me this week, but it did when preparing the new edition of the MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW & PODCAST which will begin transmission from Monday, Bank Holiday Monday, October 25. Several new Podcast services have been added to the broadcasting output, in addition to Mixcloud, Apple and Spotify. Every day of the week around Ireland there is also a local community radio station broadcasting the programme. So there many sources where you can hear it. If you followed me on SEASCAPES, you can now do so on the MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW & PODCAST.

So what about Fishermen and Polar Bears? The threat that links them is the future. Will they be able to survive the threats they face? Is this far-fetched? Well, the new edition of the show rom Monday will link-up with THE FISHER’S VOICE, the video documentary company based in Kilmore Quay, County Wexford, which specialises in the fishing industry, to hear the voices of coastal communities from around Ireland. The documentary is an insight into the situation for coastal communities and marine businesses around the country which depend for their survival on fishing. Altogether 16,000 jobs, directly and ancillary, are under threat which, the documentary reveals, has not been acknowledged by government, political parties nor by the national media. The documentary is called EXPLOITING FISHERMEN – the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy.’


1 –   POLAR BEARS COULD DISAPPEAR by the end of this century, according to scientists from the US Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in a new study. The put this down to Arctic sea ice possibly “disappearing during the Summer, which could drive polar bears and other ice-dependent species to extinction.”

2 – PETER LAWLESS FROM KERRY who had hoped to become the first Irishman to sail around the world non-stop will return to Ireland and try again. Listen to him on the new edition of MARITIME IRELAND from Monday.

3 –   THE FINMAN IS MOVING AGAIN. Henry O’Donnell has passed the Mizen in his bid to become the first man to sail around Ireland. More on the new edition of MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW.

4 – THE AMERICAS CUP organisers, Team New Zealand and the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, the cup holders, again deferred a decision on where it will be held in 2024, following the decision of the New York Yacht club to withdraw from the competition.5 –   INLAND FISHERIES IRELAND, the State agency with responsibility for the protection and conservation of freshwater fish and habitats launched a public consultation on the future management of the Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme.

5 – FORMER CHIEF OF THE DEFENCE FORCES and Naval Service Officer, Vice Admiral Mark Mellett said: “We are alive because of how the sea drives the global ecosystem.” 

6 – AN EU STUDY OF THE WILD ATLANTIC WAY recommended local employment, emphasis on day trips and waste management strategies. It was carried out by NUI Galway researchers.  

7 – THE 2021 EUROPEAN SEA PORTS ORGANISATION (ESPO) REPORT said that ports are demonstrably improving their environmental management.

8  –  THE WORLD FACES “VERY PROLONGED” DISRUPTIONS TO SHIPPING CARGO according to the International Container Terminal Services. There have been major bottlenecks in ports around the world in recent months due to a surge in demand for retail goods from people stuck at home under pandemic-related lockdowns and logjams impacting the supply of container ships and containers

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