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Anna Classon, Head of Region, RNLI Ireland, is our NEWSMAKER of the month in the first edition of the new MARITIME IRELAND Programme and Podcast.

She discusses the operational independence of the lifeboat service, its liaison with State marine rescue agencies, recruitment of volunteers and how technological evolution may change the future of the RNLI in the feature interview on the January edition.

Trust is very important to Anna Classon. She refers to it several times during our interview. 

“There is the level of trust shown by the public who provide the funding to operate the lifeboat service. There is the trust shown by the volunteers who run and support the stations. There is the trust between the lifeboat crews on the frontline of the emergency rescue work in those who administer and manage the organisation.

“Trust is really important to me.”

She makes it very clear that the RNLI will always remain an independent voluntary service.

Listen to the interview on the Podcast.

Tom MacSweeney

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