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March Podcast – The Spatial Squeeze

The Maritime Spatial Squeeze dominates the annual Seafarers’ Conference and the annnual general meeting of IFA Aquculture, the fish farmers’ representative body. My Maritime Podcast and Programme is the only regular broadcast source reporting on Ireland’s maritime sector – its development, culture, history and traditions….. On the March edition the Spatial Squeeze is a dominant topic and it is going to be a major issue in the Irish maritime sector in the future. The squeeze on marine space close to Ireland’ shoreline is happening as wind farm development confronts the fishing industry and coastal communities. There are opinions expressed from all sides on this edition of the Podcast, which also has hears that there will be more transparency about fish farm developments as the concept of social licensing expands. We hear about 200 years of the lifeboats and that there is a big increase in demand for pet facilities on ferries. Listen to the Podcast, Join me on Ireland’s only maritime programme.

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