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Episode 8 – August 2022 – What is the Government’s REAL attitude to our fishing industry?

I was asked recently in a fishing port why so many of the fishing boats were tied to the quayside on a fine weather day and had not gone out fishing. Pursuing the question, to find a satisfactory answer, I heard more about the crisis in the fishing industry which is a serious one and has raised another question, which is becoming quite widespread in the coastal communities – What is the REAL attitude of the Government towards the fishing industry. Another is – when did you last hear any of the three leaders of the Coalition Government parties speak out strongly in support of the fishing industry, the employment it gives, its contribution to the national economy and its vital role in the coastal communities. And what about the ancillary businesses dependent on the fishing industry. It is surprising that there has not been national media coverage about the crisis in the industry. So I am focusing on this in the AUGUST edition of my MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW & PODCAST. It is the story of a ‘perfect storm’ for our fishing industry.

Also on the programme – would you support a Universal Declaration by the United Nations for the protection of the Oceans? Lucy Hunt, a marine biologist in Waterville, Co.Kerry, is leading a campaign to achieve this by the Ocean Race around the world (formerly the Volvo Race). She asks listeners to sign a petition in support. There is also the story of the virgin sailor who sailed the Atlantic with a somewhat eccentric irish yacht owner. We follow the voyage of solo sailor around the world, Pat Lawless from Ballinskelligs and a lone sailor who has brought the last of a 200-year-old Nortumbrian boat to West Cork and we hear the latest news and developments from the offshore islands.

Tom MacSweeney

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