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On this edition two stories of rescue from the sea. The photograph at the top is of Patrick Murphy, an artist living in Wales, who drew the picture alongside him recalling how, as a child, he was rescued from a sinking Irish ferry after it hit a German mine when leaving Liverpool during World War Two. It shows a child carried under the greatcoat of the man who rescued him.

For 80 years Patrick has tried to find his rescuer, but has not been successful. He tells how the Maritime Museum of Ireland helped him honour the unknown rescuer. It is a powerful story that will create its own memories for the listener… The second story is that of an Irish sailor, thousands of miles from shore, all alone, in a badly damaged yacht, how he survived, then went to the rescue of another badly injured racing competitor, but had to decide whether to take the offer of rescue himself and abandon his own boat.

And there are two offers on the programme – an encouragement to take up the biggest outdoor maritime sport in Ireland and the programme’s new Maritime Book for listeners’ opinions. Welcome aboard to MARITIME IRELAND.

Tom MacSweeney

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