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Episode 4 – This Should Shock You – How European nations have annexed Irish waters


“God Almighty…” might upset you at the start of this month’s MARITIME IRELAND RADIO SHOW. I hope it does, because what you will be listening to is the shocking revelation of how European countries have annexed Irish waters for their own fishing industries and how the EU Commission has been partner to allowing this to happen. They are “frightening figures” and they “should shock the general public” says the former Fisheries Officer in the Department of the Marine who has revealed them to me and who says officials in the Department have known these figures for years, but have done nothing to use them for the benefit of the Irish fishing industry, but have allowed the EU and other nations to take advantage of Ireland – and our Government has not done enough either to protect the Irish fishing industry. It is shocking to hear these figures. Listen to the programme to hear the full story.


Also on the programme, the story of how the an Irishman was the last to be hanged by the British Royal Navy from the yardarm of a Naval warship. He was another Irishman, wrongfully treated by the British administration, He was from Cork and his name was – Tom McSweeney

You can listen to the programme on Community Radio Stations around Ireland, on Apple, Spotify, Mixcloud and via Google Podcasts.

Tom MacSweeney

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