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The State attitude towards the maritime sector is, at times, quite astonishing and there are two examples in this edition. One is where one of the leading marine scientists in Ireland asks why Ireland is always the country left with the worst examples of poot treatment of the fishing industry.

The other example is that the Department of Finance has refused assistance to a company which operates boats, because the boats move! Micheál O Cionna, Founder and Managing Director of the Killary Fjord Boat Tours Company in Killary Harbour, Connemara, Ireland’s only fjord and which also operates three boats in Dublin,  doesn’t think much of that attitude towards the marine sector.

And, have you ever thought much about the wonder and magnificence of Ireland’s wetlands? It’s all highlighted in this edition of the programme which also hears from the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, marking its 30th year in existence, about an unusual aspect of the Covid pandemic.

Tom MacSweeney

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