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Episode 18 – Can Irish Fish Species Survive Climate Change?

Irish indigenous, native species of fish like being in cold water, but because of climate change, water temperatures are rising and what are described as ‘alien species’ which like hotter water are increasingly moving into Irish waters…. … Will Irish native fish species be forced out of our waters? This is one of the topics on this edition of the programme which also reports that Dublin Port has 17,000 ship movements every year, almost 50 a day and why the port company is concerned about the safety of leisure boat users and is taking action…. Do you realise the importance of sand sunes and why there is a national campaign underway to protect them? They are vital as a barrier to coastal around. The programme reports what is planned in the campaign. And it reports why the offshore island populations want the government to introduce a Bill to protect the future of their islands.

Tom MacSweeney

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